Start here, please watch this video by Henry Camp and Dr Lisa Lang on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Replenishment solution:

Webinar:  Doing More with Less using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Replenishment Solution

This webinar will be a short recap of Dr Lisa’s WINDO conference presentation (for those who weren’t in attendance) and then we’ll explore how to assess if your company might benefit from using TOC Replenishement. Typical results are a 20% to 30% increase in sales due to fewer stock shortages while decreasing inventory 35 to 50%.

Dr Lisa Lang will be the host.
Henry Camp from will be presenting.

Henry F. Camp owns and operates several companies. Camp is an ex-professor with over 30 years experience in distribution and supply chains. He is a practical entrepreneur who has developed tools and methods which deliver 6 sigma inventory accuracy (99.997%.) Camp says, “Visibility and accuracy are nice but availability with less inventory is a supply chain’s Holy Grail.” He is a Louisville, Kentucky native and earned a BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia and is a worldwide authority on Theory of Constraints Replenishment.

Henry is a founder, managing member and investor in TOC Equity Partners, LLC a private equity fund that buys inventory intensive companies, improves them and resells them. ‘Our usual holding period is three years and we target 1500% returns over that time frame.”

Henry and partner Tom DeMuth started IDEA, llc, a pull logistics company based in Charleston, SC. IDEA consults with supply chain owners to multiply return on inventory by accelerating product flow and avoiding stagnation. “Our focus is on improving return on inventory.” IDEA alternatively operates all or portions of its clients’ supply chains through strategic partners and its own global operations in six countries.

Henry also owns Shippers Supply Company, a 60 year old distributor of packaging equipment and supplies based in Louisville, KY, which offers its customers a large monetary award if any shipment, no matter how small, is late enough to cause a shortage. “Fortunately, we almost never have to pay! Our competitors have been afraid to match our offer for almost a decade.”